Clay Levering

Senior Product Manager & Agile Coach

Highly technical, delivery-driven product manager and agile coach specializing in web & platform development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Agile Product Delivery Coach

    SAFe certified but process-agnostic.  A delivery-driven leadership style focused on delivering business value at all costs.  Able to strongly emphasize on iterating both your product AND your process for the best possible combined results.

  • Engineering Translator

    A capable full-stack engineer on his own.  Able to distill highly technical engineering concepts into business-ready communications.  Able to help transform business requests to functional engineering requirements.

  • Waterfall Conversion

    Expert in coaching teams at both the enterprise and start-up levels during Waterfall -> Agile transformations.  Capable of working closely with both engineering and management teams to achieve overall success across the board.

  • Customer voice advocate

    Coming from a primarily customer service background helps provide a unique perspective on customer requirements and desires.  Belief that a product without customer value provides no true business value.

Some professional recommendations

Andrey Kudievskiy

"...a rock-solid Product Manager with a deep technical knowledge of the products he builds"

He knows how to communicate product vision to both engineers and designers alike. Clay is easily able to project himself into the minds of colleagues and customers. His knowledge of mobile apps is second to none. He is a great asset to any environment - startup or big company.

Andrey Kudievskiy - CEO, Distillery
Kim Castillo

"...Clay is able to navigate from business to engineering speak with ease."

In my time working with him, he expertly handled many critical conversations with clients and internal stakeholders. His analytical approach, refined communication skills, ability to keep the team focused on the product's vision, and deep understanding of agile engineering makes him a valuable asset to any team.

Kim Castillo - Agile Coach, DirecTV
Carlos Anchia

"Ever meet a Product Owner that can build it?  Meet Clay!"

The technical understanding he brings to product development provides him with a 'leg up' in working with development teams. He's always taking the 'product eye' when evaluating metrics and has the business values squarely understood. The man has many tools at his disposal and knows how to use them effectively.

Carlos Anchia - CTO, Curago

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Whether you are looking for an Enterprise Agile Coach, Senior Product Manager or a management consultant for your next product, Clay is more than willing to lend a hand.

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Woodland Hills, CA 91364